Summer Worship

During the months of July and August, WTUC does not meet since the majority of our members are traveling or living overseas.  We encourage our members to visit a local Japanese church in their neighborhood and/or participate in these other English-speaking churches in the Tokyo area.  WTUC worship services will resume on September 2, 2018 to kick-off the 2018-19 church year.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer! Enjoy worshiping God in these Tokyo area English-speaking and bilingual churches!

Tokyo Union Church                                                                                                                          Omotesando, Tokyo

ICU Church                                                                                                                                          International Christian University campus, Mitaka

Kurume Bible Fellowship                                                                                                              Higashi Kurume

Musashino Chapel Center                                                                                                              Kichijoji, Tokyo

Grace City Church                                                                                                                              Otemachi /Marunouchi, Tokyo                                                                                                             (Bilingual)