Sunday, September 25th

WTUC Weekly Announcement for Sunday, September 25th

Worship this Sunday explores the mystery of Jesus emptying Himself for us and our response.  Philippians 2:1-13

Also we continue to collect photos and updated information of members and friends of the congregation to create a photo directory.  If you have a photo, email it to Toshi Sasao <>.  If you need a picture taken, please talk to Toshi on Sunday.

Please continue to pick up your name tag off the back table as you walk in.  Thank you.  Help a new friend create their own.


 Sept 25th

10:55 Worship.  Philippians 2:1-13.

Sunday School:

Ages 6-9: 9:30 am
Ages 3-5: during the service

Oct 2nd

10:55  Worship.  World Wide Communion Sunday.  Your Traditional dress or cloths for the     altar are in order.
12:30  Steering Committee Meeting
1:00    High School group meets at the Dornbachs

Email address for Rev. Susan Townsley and Rev. Teresa Sherrill:

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