Sunday, December 4th

WTUC Weekly Announcement for Sunday, December 4th

This Sunday:  Repent. The word comes from the Latin word meaning to regret or feel sorrow .  The Greek word in the text is metanoeo, meaning to change ones’ mind.  An intellectual understanding of that word plays very little in the New Testament.  Rather, repentance is about turning the whole person around.  Jesus likely used the word with a rich understanding of the equivalent word in the Hebrew scrolls; shuwb which means “to turn back or turn around.  Text, Mark 1:1-8, Susan Townsley Preaching.

Before Church— Pageant rehearsal.  Please be there by 9:15 AM to receive costume. Practice begins at 9:30 AM.

Sunday School Ages 3-5: during the worship service

After Church: Steering Committee meeting.

WTUC Calendar

Dec 11:  Christmas Pageant

Dec 18:  Teresa Sherrill Preaching, Communion, Text: Luke 1:26-38
                 Christmas Caroling, 3:00 pm 

Dec 24: Christmas Eve Service—6:30 p.m. Rev Teresa preaching/Antiphon service with seven hymns, candle service

Dec 25:   Christmas Morning Service—Rev Teresa/community sharing of favorite hymns, Scripture, Children’s stories

Email address for Rev. Susan Townsley and Rev. Teresa Sherrill:

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