Sunday, January 29th

WTUC Weekly Announcement for Sunday, January 29th

This Sunday we welcome back Rev. Tom Hastings.   Tom will be preaching “God Incognito” delving into Colossians 1:11-20 and Luke 23:33-43.  Tom and Carol were active members of WTUC from 1995-2008.  He is visiting Japan conducting research on Kagawa Toyohiko and will even see Rev. Claudia in Kobe.  Come and enjoy!
Following Worship on the 29th, there will be a brief Congregational Meeting to approve a 6 month budget.  The shorter budget is in order to align the fiscal year with the church’s program year.  That way our financial planning will more easily coordinate with our program planning.  Also on the 29th, a Steering Committee meeting will follow the Congregational Meeting.
Jan. 29th – 1:00 High School Youth Group will meet at the Dornbach’s.
Feb. 5th – 10:55 Worship, Communion, Rev. Teresa preaching.
Feb. 12th – 10:55 Worship, Rev. Susan preaching.
Feb. 19th – 10:55 Worship, Communion, Rev. Susan preaching.
Feb. 26th – 10:55 Worship, Rev. Teresa preaching.


Pastors Susan and Teresa may be reached for pastoral concerns and additions to the prayer chain at

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