Sunday, April 15th

WTUC Weekly Announcement for Sunday, April 15th

This Sunday:  We focus on the lovely Psalm 133.  Why is Christian community evidence of the resurrection?

The youth will be rehearsing for youth Sunday following worship.

 Did you know that Easter is a 7 week season, starting with Easter Sunday and Ending with Pentecost?  During this season, many of our scripture lessons will feature stories about how the followers of Jesus  experienced the resurrection, and what it means for us today.

April 22nd   10:55 Worship, YOUTH SUNDAY! Steering Committee Following Worship

April 29th    10:55 Worship, Rev. Teresa preaching 

May 6th       10:55 Worship, Rev. Susan preaching

I Am Going To Start Living Like A Mystic
by Edward Hirsch, from Lay Back the Darkness, 2003

Today I am pulling on a green wool sweater
and walking across the park in a dusty snowfall.

The trees stand like twenty-seven prophets in a field,
each a station in a pilgrimage – silent, pondering.

Blue flakes of light falling across their bodies
are the ciphers of a secret, an occultation.

I will examine their leaves as pages in a text
and consider the bookish pigeons, students of winter.

I will kneel on the track of a vanquished squirrel
and stare into a blank pond for the figure of Sophia. 

I shall begin scouring the sky for signs
as if my whole future were constellated upon it. 

I will walk home alone with the deep alone,
a disciple of shadows, in praise of the mysteries.

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