Sunday, January 13th

This Sunday:  What an amazing thing God’s saving grace is.   Jesus brings it to us in a new way, but the idea of a saving God was imbedded in the faith of the Israelites long before Jesus came up out of the baptismal waters.  Come and hear about God’s saving activities in Isaiah 43:1-7

This Sunday at 9:30

  • Grades 1-4: Goodness (1 Peter 1:15), Malcolm Teaching
  • Pre-K; during the service: Esther, Allie and Oliver Teaching
  • Confirmation resumes:  We’ll talk about God in community, and the symbols of the church.
  • Adult Ed:  Fruits of the Spirit:  Goodness

Steering Committee follows fellowship this Sunday.

Upcoming Sundays:

January 20th:  Pastor Susan preaching,

Confirmation at 9:30

Jan 27th:  the Rev. Tim McKenzie preaching.

Church school and Adult Ed at 9:30

A Poem: based on Isaiah 43 1-7

by Pieter Stok

My Creator
Loves me, His creation.
Not a thing
Will thwart His redeemed child from
Being brought to Him.
Waters high and
Rivers deep
Will not drown me,
Or wash me from His saving arms.
He will pay my ransom:
My Jesus, my Saviour!
I am His.
A polished jewel in His crown,
Rubbed clean with the cloth
Of His Holy Spirit.
Whether in the N. S. E or W
He brings me,
His prodigal,

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