Sunday, March 17th

This Sunday:  In the Flesh—Paul boast of it, Mary Magdalene ministers from it…          Philippians 3:4B-14, John 12:1-8, Pastor Susan Preaching

9:30: Grades 1-4 Sunday School:  Living by the Spirit, Galatians 5:25, Mio

            Adult Education in Upper Room Communion

            Confirmation:  What are Christians up to Now?   Teresa Teaching

10:30   Little Kids Sunday School (ages 1-5) offered every worship service

Topic this week: The First Miracle

Teacher: Allie

Helper:  Oliver


Sunday March 24:  Palm and Passion Sunday service, Susan Preaching If the weather permits, we will start worship in the courtyard and process in with palms. 

Sunday March 31:  Easter

10:30 Easter Egg Hunt

11:00 Worship

12:15  Festive Fellowship—Please bring goodies to share

If you will be here for Good Friday, AND you would like to attend a good Friday service, please email us at  If we have a small gathering’s worth, we will host a service.

Upcoming Sundays:

NEXT classes:  April 7th :

Grades 1-4 Sunday School:

Topic: Easter Story (Galatians 5:25)

Teacher: Malcolm

Adult Education (at in Upper room)

Topic: Communion

Confirmation:  What do I believe?  Writing a Creed, Susan Teaching

A Tanka Poem from the collection:  Voices from Japan, published by ASIJ and read at the 3/11 remembrance:

oh, the warmth

of the woman who read aloud

my translated poem

in the great cathedral,

and then gave me a hug


英 訳の  短歌を 大 聖堂に  詠みあげて われを


ハグする  女のぬくもり   —Keiko Hangui, Fukushima June 2012

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