Sunday, April 28th

This Sunday:

11:00 Worship:   John 13 includes Jesus` teaching on Foot Washing.  How can this practice of Jesus encourage us in our lives today?  Teresa Sherrill Preaching.

11:00 Ages 1-5 :  Allie and Oliver teach ages 1-4

THANK YOU for your magnificent support of the Nozomi Project.  Today will be the last day that we will be selling this gorgeous jewelry.  Nozomi, translated ‘hope’ in Japanese, is a social enterprise bringing sustainable income, community, dignity and hope to the women in Ishinomaki, Japan by training women to craft unique jewelry products.  One third of these women are single mothers and grandmothers; most of these women and their family members lost their livelihood when the tsunami crashed through half of their city in 2011.  Thanks to your support we have sold well over 100,000 yen of the jewelry and will be sending this full amount to these women.

FANTASTIC NEWS from the middle school bible study students.  They are going to be making rice balls on Friday, May 3rd at ASIJ and delivering them to the clientele of Second Harvest Japan on Saturday, May 4th.  The money from the Noisy Offering was enough for 200 bath tickets for the homeless.


For your Calendar Planning: 

May 5  CONFIRMATION SUNDAY!  Congratulations confirmands!  Robust fellowship hour will follow.

May 12 will be the next Children`s Church School and Adult Study (at the Sacks) at 9:30 am.



Just plain, ordinary, tired feet.

Jesus cared about feet.

He didn’t ignore the head,

the heart and the soul

spectacular things like that.

But I’m especially glad

that he cared about feet.

How many Messiahs ever did that?

You can wax eloquent

And be beautifully abstract

About people’s heads and hearts and souls.

But it is hard to be removed from human need

when you’re kneeling down on the floor

washing another’s feet.

Dusty roads are scarce

and very few sandals are worn now.

But feet trapped in leather

are just as tired

and just as ignored.

There still aren’t many Messiahs around

who care about feet.

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