Sunday, May 12th

This Sunday, May 12th:

9:30 Adult Bible Study on Communion at the Sacks.  Kid`s Sunday School meets in the Cafeteria.
11:00 Worship:  Jon McCurley from Asian Rural Institute will bring us the sermon on the theme of “Bound Together” from John 19:25-27.  Fellowship Hour will follow, during which we will have opportunity to buy ARI “goods.”
11:00 Ages 1-5  Sunday School during the service.
This Sunday`s messenger is Jonathan McCurley from ARI. Satomi McCurley and Kelly Schaefer from ARI, will also share during the service.
The Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is a leadership training center welcoming about 30 rural leaders to its campus each year who along with volunteers and staff members form a community that seeks to live out it’s motto, That We May Live Together.  The leadership training is focused on servant leadership and through the learning of sustainable organic farming and community building skills, graduates finish the program in December of each year to go back home to serve their communities in their home countries.  In 2011, ARI was damaged by the Earthquake of March 11 and also its campus was impacted by the fallout of radiation after the accident in Fukushima.  Through working with churches throughout Japan and the world and connecting with local organizations in Tochigi, ARI has been able to rebuild its campus and continues to ameliorate the condition of its soil.  Through trial and error and much hard work we have brought the level of radioactive cesium down to levels we are comfortable with and can consume almost 100% of the food we grow.  We have finished 3 of our 6 rebuilding projects with the other 3 due to be finished by the end of 2013.
Thank you confirmands and their families for the amazing Confirmation Sunday and Soft Taco luncheon on May 5th.  It was a marvelous Sunday worship, with the confirmands creeds a real highlight!

THANK YOU for your magnificent support of the Nozomi Project.  Nozomi, translated ‘hope’ in Japanese, is a social enterprise bringing sustainable income, community, dignity and hope to the women in Ishinomaki, Japan by training women to craft unique jewelry products. Thanks to your support we have sold over 140,000 yen of the jewelry and will be sending this full amount to these women.


For your Calendar Planning:   

May 19th is PENTECOST!  Please bring red finger foods to share during the Fellowship Hour.  Please also wear red, orange or even blue to enter into the “Spirit.”

May 26th will be the final Steering Committee meeting of this church year.

June 2nd is Youth Sunday as well as a Farewell party for our dear Pastor Susan following the service.  We will also be celebrating our seniors who will be graduating and saying farewell to dear friends who will be moving during the summer, during the service.


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