Sunday, May 26th

THIS SUNDAY  Pastor Teresa will preach from Proverbs 8 on Seeking Wisdom.  There will be child care available during the service for 0-5 year olds.  After the yummy fellowship time, there will be the last Steering Committee of this church year.


THANK YOU Middle Schoolers for your fantastic slide report on making onigiri and buying 200 bath tickets, and then passing them out to the clientele of Second Harvest Japan.


THANK YOU for your magnificent prayer and financial support of ARI, Asian Rural Institute this year.  We greatly enjoyed Jonathan McCurley`s sermon on May 5th.  We will be setting up a table to of their “goods” through the end of our church year.

The Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is a leadership training center welcoming about 30 rural leaders to its campus each year who along with volunteers and staff members form a community that seeks to live out it’s motto, That We May Live Together.  The leadership training is focused on servant leadership and through the learning of sustainable organic farming and community building skills, graduates finish the program in December of each year to go back home to serve their communities in their home countries.


For your Calendar Planning:   

May 26th will be the final Steering Committee meeting of this church year.

June 2nd is Youth Sunday with the elementary students sharing what they have learned through this year as well as our Middle Schoolers leading us in worship songs.  We will also be celebrating our seniors who will be graduating.  We will also be saying farewell to dear friends who will be moving during the summer, during the service.

Following our June 2nd worship, there will be a   potluck farewell party for our dear Pastor Susan.

June 15th at Lune Kodaira (right outside Kodaira Station), Pastor Teresa will be singing in a FUN Gospel Charity.  Doors open at 6:30pm.  We will sing gospel songs accompanied by a great band, a hip hop group for one of the songs, and Wadaiko drum for another. It’s a taste of heaven.

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