This Sunday:  11:00 Worship:  The life of faith is a life of sunshine and rain, of hope and struggle, of joy and challenge, of light and darkness.  Come contemplate the breath of the faith experience.   Text Psalm 30, Pastor Susan Preaching.

SUNDAY SCHOOL is on Vacation until the fall.  Feel free to have children take books from the children’s library cabinet, or bring coloring materials.  We enjoy our children just as they are.

From Susan:  Dear Church family (and dear to me you are!)  Thank you so much for the wonderful party and send off.  It was a lovely afternoon and my heart has been so warmed by your graciousness. It has been a joy to worship with you, to pray with you and to grow in faith with you.  Please do stay in touch with me, via facebook or email (

I remain yours in Christ,   Susan

For future planning:

June 16th, Pastor Susan Preaching 11:00

June 23rd Pastor Teresa Preaching 11:00, Pastor Susan’s last Sunday

June 30th Pastor Teresa Preaching.  Last Sunday service until September 1st

September 1st Worship resumes

September 8th “Back to Church Sunday”

During the summer, here are some places you might want to worship:

(alphabetical order)(as you have recommendations, please let us know at

Chofu Baptist Church

(0422) 31-4724 Services are held in Japanese but many Christians who do not speak Japanese join in on their services. Worship is from 10:15-11:30 with Sunday School for children and adult offered after worship.  They also have a Go classroom and club on Saturdays.


ICU Chapel

(0422) 33-3323

ICU Church meets on ICU campus and is an interdenominational Japanese and English speaking congregation in Mitaka consisting of people not only from the university but from the greater Tokyo area.  Simultaneous translation is offered.


Kurume Bible Fellowship (KBF)

KBF is a multinational, English speaking congregation (simultaneous translation of the sermon is offered through earpieces) of about 300 people, coming from a variety of ethnic, denominational, and cultural backgrounds.  Service is from 9:30 and Sunday school for adults is offered after the service.  Worship is held in the auditorium of Christian Academy in Japan in Higashi Kurume.


Mitaka Lutheran Church

(0422) 33-1122

Mitaka Lutheran Church chapel located in the Japan Lutheran College.  Services are held in Japanese around the corner and down the hall from where our church services are held.  The address is 3-10-20.  Sunday school is from 10:00-10:30 with services from 10:30-12.


Tokyo Union Church

(03) 3400-0047

TUC is an ecumenical and international English speaking church in Harajuku.  During the summer TUC has one worship service beginning at 10AM with no Sunday School options.  Communion schedule varies.  There is often VBS for kids 3-11 in the summer, check their site for details.

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