Sunday, February 23, 2014

West Tokyo Union Church Weekly

February 23, 2014

Epiphany 7A service

Worship 11:00 AM

Pastor:  Rev. Teresa Thompson Sherrill


Sunday, February 23rd – Dr. Reita Yazawa will bring the sermon, “The Surest Comfort” from Revelation 21:1-6.  See an introduction to Dr. Yazawa and family below.  It has been a pleasure to share fellowship with them this last year – and wish them Godspeed as they journey onto Ibaraki. We will enjoy fellowship after the service. In the Upper Room, after Fellowship will be the Steering Committee. 


Dr. Reita Yazawa lives in Higashi-Kurume with his wife Misako, eight year old daughter Konomi, and three year old son Towa. Misako and Reita served Yokohama Shiloh Church (United Church of Christ in Japan) followed by his study at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 2006-2013. He will start to serve as a Bible teacher at Ibaraki Christian Junior and Senior High School from April. In the future, Misako hopes to serve in pastoral ministry and Reita, to concentrate on Christian higher education. 



MULTIGENERATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL IS COMING! MULTIGENERATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL IS COMING !! Two Sundays in March, we will have multigenerational Sunday School from 9:30 in the cafeteria.  Who is welcome?  All ages.  We will be creating, discussing, playing games, acting out bible stories and more.  If parents want their kids to join in on the fun at the multigenerational Sunday School while they attend the Adult Sunday School that will be at the Sacks – that`s great too.  These multigenerational Sunday School gatherings will be offered twice a month.  This will be in addition to the regular Wednesday evening offerings for ES, MS and HS.  The Sacks will host the Adult Sunday school, also at 9:30 am in their living room.  Their home is right across the Lutheran Campus from our sanctuary.  Best coffee in town = ) Come and enjoy!  All are welcome.                                                                                                                                 


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CORNER (we value your prayers & involvement in this vital ministry)  Contact Carrie Bennett for ES, Julie Rogers for MS, Amy Harbaugh for HS or Pastor Teresa at with any questions.

Little Kids (1-5) Sunday School: resumes next week during the service

NEXT ES Youth Grades 2-5: Wednesday, March 5th  at the Bennett`s home from 5-6:30 pm

Topic: The Parable of the Sower   Teacher: Steve   Dinner Responsibility: Bennetts

NEXT MS Youth: Wed. March 5th from 5-6:30 pm at the Rogers, Bible study, service project and pizza

NEXT HS Youth: to be announced.

NEXT ADULT Sunday School: to be announced


Interested in becoming a member at WTUC? – please talk to Pastor Teresa about the upcoming membership class.


Upcoming Preaching Ministry

March 2 Pastor Teresa

March 5 Ash Wednesday service at Tang/Lee home, Pastor Teresa

March 9th Pastor Teresa

March 16th Rev. Jim, Communion


Sea Glass necklaces made from broken glass found on the Tohoku seashore after the tsunami are being sold to benefit “2 Criminals” -  a movie produced by Paul Nethercott -


SNACK SIGNUP Sign up for snacks for fellowship time with Ann or on the list on the white board.  We greatly appreciate your contributions to our community life!


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Revelation 21:1-8    The Message (MSG)

Everything New

21 I saw Heaven and earth new-created. Gone the first Heaven, gone the first earth, gone the sea.

2 I saw Holy Jerusalem, new-created, descending resplendent out of Heaven, as ready for God as a bride for her husband.

3-5 I heard a voice thunder from the Throne: “Look! Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women! They’re his people, he’s their God. He’ll wipe every tear from their eyes. Death is gone for good—tears gone, crying gone, pain gone—all the first order of things gone.” The Enthroned continued, “Look! I’m making everything new. Write it all down—each word dependable and accurate.”

6 Then he said, “It’s happened. I’m A to Z. I’m the Beginning, I’m the Conclusion. From Water-of-Life Well I give freely to the thirsty. 



a fun sharing from Peter Millar

It’s the hug,

It’s the crazy joke,

It’s the warm hand,

It’s the fish and chips.


It’s the sudden laughter,

It’s the silent tears,

It’s the washing up,

It’s the touch of love.


It’s the quiet smile,

It’s the burnt toast,

It’s the tender note,

It’s the lost glasses.


It’s the hidden pain,

It’s the long search,

It’s the truth telling,

It’s the inner healing.


It’s the intimacy,

It’s the parting,

It’s the tears,

It’s the farewell.


It’s life,

It’s death,

It’s the Spirit

Of blessing.


It’s the God,

Of surprises

Met again

On the journey.