Join us for World Communion Sunday; Covenant Players in worship.

World Communion Sunday - October 1, 2017                                                                Service for the Lord’s Day  11:00 am

Psalm 133                                                                                                                                        Philippians 2:1-13

Covenant Players presenting in worship. (see bio below)

Fellowship after the service.










Meet the Covenant Players – Pacific Gate Unit

Kurt Purucker has been actively involved with Covenant Players since August of 1984. While attending high school in New Mexico, an interest in the performing arts came to fruition through involvement with his high school drama program. Hearing that many college drama programs were unhealthy environments for a young Christian, he chose instead to study natural sciences in College. However, after a couple of years at a state university, Kurt felt a tugging to be more active with his faith, so when the opportunity to join Covenant Players was mentioned by a friend, he didn’t hesitate to make that move. He recently celebrated 33 years of ministry service.

Cathy Purucker has been active in drama since pre-teen days, though she, too, decided to leave it behind for a season. Growing up in South Africa, she never heard about any sacred performing groups. Since she didn’t want to be involved with the highly secular nature of all she knew about drama, she limited her drama participation to church productions. When invited by a friend to attend a performance by a Christian drama company, her eyes were opened to a new possibility – Christian drama. After a couple of years of soul searching, she felt God’s good pleasure in pursuing ministry with Covenant Players. She celebrated 33 years in the ministry the beginning of April.

Annika Mangert  grew up in Köln, Germany and the first time she heard of Covenant Players was from her mother who wanted to join years ago, but it never happened. Being very shy, she never had thought about doing theatre in any way but CP caught her interest, with speaking and learning different languages and travelling around in other countries. Also, she wanted to change. And she felt that CP could help her with all of these goals. So she finally joined in January 2015 and spent her first 2 ½ years in Europe travelling in the UK, Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and of course Germany. She’s already performing plays in three different languages and is now looking forward to perform in Japanese, when the Pacific Gate Unit is going to Japan in the end of September.



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