Join us for Worship and Communion the Third Sunday of Lent: March 4, 2018

Service for the Lord’s Day

Psalm 19; John 2:13-22

“House Cleaning”

Rev. Christian Zebley preaching

Communion will be served.

Mark Your Calendars - March 11th – Lenten Seminar on the Psalms

Carol Sack will offer a session on the SPIRITUALITY OF THE PSALMS   It is a teaching that goes beyond the Psalms themselves and touches upon a way of dealing with the ups and downs of life, offering an ultimate sense of hope, come what may. The presentation will incorporate story, slides, recorded and live music and graphics to connect this enduring ancient poetry with our lives here and now. Everyone is welcome.  The seminar will begin at 12:45 pm with a light lunch served at 12:25 pm.




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