2022 Women’s Conference

The 65th Japan Women’s Conference for 2022 will be online during the season of Lent – Saturdays – March 19, March 26, and April 2, beginning at 9am Japan time.

WOCON 2022 – This year’s theme is: Arise! Talitha Koum! It’s time to get up, shake off any clinging physical or spiritual lethargy and join the women of WoCon on three Saturdays in Lent: March 19 & 26 with a closing worship on April 2 at 9am Japan time. Last year’s theme, in the midst of a global pandemic, was called (appropriately enough) “A Time to Heal.” This year’s theme calls us to rehabilitation and rejuvenation as we respond with a deep breath and accept the outstretched hand of Jesus with his gracious call, “Talitha koum! Little girl, I say to you, get up.” (Mark 5:41)

WoCon 2022 workshop links are available through the website and include subjects such as trust, outdoor inspiration, harp and music, overcoming adversity and faith journaling, even yoga and Zumba are offered. Sign up early to reserve your spot. Zoom links will be emailed out to you.


For those who register from Japan, please issue your donation of 4,000 yen through the Women’s Conference post office account (furikae). All payment information is posted on the webpage: https://woconjapan.wordpress.com/   You may also add your offering donation which is designated for ARI – Asian Rural Institute.

For those attendees who register from overseas, or for those who prefer to use a credit card, please issue your donation of $40 to JOEE.jp (Joyful Opportunity for English Education) which is the 2022 overseas offering recipient for Women’s Conference and a nonprofit provider of English education to children in orphanages in Japan. Please register and pay through the Women’s Conference website.


Thank you very much, and may God bless your 2022!

Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud

WoCon 2022 Coordinator & Webmaster