2021 Women`s Conference

The Japan Women’s Conference for 2021 will be online for the first time in its 64-year history during the season of Lent – Saturdays – February 20, February 27, and March 6th, beginning at 9am Japan time.

The conference theme is A Time to Heal, a fitting topic for this year in which deep healing is needed around the world. The keynote speakers are Sarah Hinlicky Wilson and Ikuko Handa Williams. Rev. Wilson serves as a missionary of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) and is the pastor of the English language worship service for Tokyo Lutheran Church. Sarah is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and is the author of recent books such as a study on the Sermon on the Mount and also Pearly Gates. She has a Cooking and Theology blog and led a workshop on this theme at the 2020 conference. Rev. Williams, who comes from a long line of Presbyterian ministers serving in Japan, was the first Japanese woman ordained by the Church of England. Ikuko has been involved in post-war peace and reconciliation talks around the world. She worked as the chaplain at Leeds Hospital in England for many years and now lives in Tokyo.

WoCon 2021 workshop links are available through the website and include subjects such as relationships, writing, family healing, outdoor living, yoga and Biblical insight. Sign up early to reserve your spot. Zoom links will be emailed out to you.


For those who register from Japan, please issue your donation of 3,000 yen through the Women’s Conference post office account (furikae). All payment information is posted on the webpage: https://woconjapan.wordpress.com/   You may also add your offering donation which is designated to JOEE (Joyful Opportunity for English Education). 

For those attendees who register from overseas, or for those who prefer to use a credit card, please issue your donation of $30 (equivalent of 3,000 yen) to JOEE.jp (Joyful Opportunity for English Education) which is the 2021 offering recipient for Women’s Conference and a nonprofit provider of English education to children in orphanages in Japan. Please register and pay through the Women’s Conference website.


Thank you very much, and may God bless your 2021!

Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud

WoCon 2021 Coordinator