Christ in Japan – Feb. 27, 2022

The next two Sundays, our WTUC online worship service will feature as its lay preacher, Malcolm Foster! We meet at 10:00 am JST via Zoom through our usual link. For now, we will only be gathering online, through Zoom. We welcome friends and members from around the world to join us as we continue to worship remotely. You may be distant geographically, but you are as close as our hearts and prayers. We will keep you informed via email and updated website posts concerning which future services can be held in person.

Robert & Phyllis Foster, 1949 Japan

For the next two Sundays, Feb. 27 and March 6, we’ll be taking a quick tour of the history of Christianity in Japan, from its initial positive reception through the decades of horrific persecution up to the church’s growth after World War II. Lay preacher Malcolm will tie this to the ministry of his parents, Robert & Phyllis Foster, who in 1949 came to Japan as young missionaries to share a message of reconciliation and new life, as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission, Matt. 28: 19-20, one of our Bible texts. They served in Japan for 44 years, in both Tokyo and Hokkaido, working in publishing, radio evangelism and university instruction.

A fumie, or picture that Japanese were required to step on to show they rejected Jesus

Some of us may be well-versed in the church’s history in Japan, but others may not; in any case, it’s good to review and to be familiar with this important history. Christians in Japan have faced some of the worst suffering anywhere in the world, and their faith and sacrifices should be an inspiration to us all. 

There will be slides and photos to help us visualize what life was like for Christians over the generations, and we’ll also be singing some hymns written by Japanese Christians. Please join at 10 am on Sunday!

Scripture Readings:

Old Testament — – Isaiah 43: 5-7 and 10-12

Gospel — – Matthew 5: 10-12 and – Matthew 28: 19-20

Kazuko will be playing the organ for us, and is assisting in choosing the hymns for this Sunday. Thank you to everyone who helps to make our worship services come together each week.

We are very thankful that our little community church can keep on going even in the midst of difficulties. Many friends keep contributing to our worship services and to our parishioner connections. We appreciate everyone’s prayers, financial support and weekly acts of service as we help each other in doing the work of the Kingdom.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The deadline for sign-ups at the 2022 Women’s Conference is fast approaching! Please send in your registration to: 2022 Japan WoCon

WTUC’s Carol Sack will be one of the workshop leaders — and there are many other wonderful workshop choices to choose from. Take a look and sign up with a friend for the 65th annual Japan Women’s Conference. Last day to register is March 5th! That’s next Saturday.

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