Putting God First – 5th Sunday in Lent – April 3, 2022

Our Sunday service starts at 10:00 am JST via Zoom through our usual link. This Sunday, April 3 and Sunday, April 10, we will only be gathering online, through Zoom. But on EASTER Sunday, we will gather in-person adding a remote feed for those who cannot come in person. We welcome friends and members from around the world to join us as we continue to worship remotely. You may be distant geographically, but you are as close as our hearts and prayers.

This week’s sermon is titled “Putting God First.” Last week, we took a look at God’s extravagant, self-sacrificial love for us in the parable of the two lost sons. This week, Malcolm will be looking at Mary of Bethany, who in John 12: 1-11 showed extravagant, self-sacrificial love for Jesus just six days before his death by pouring expensive perfume on his feet and wiping them with her hair. One person watching suggested that the perfume could have been sold to give money to the poor, but Jesus defends her actions, saying it is preparing him for his burial, which is just days away.

It is a bit of a curious story at first, but there are some lessons for us about Mary (not be confused with Mary Magdalene), whose siblings Martha and Lazarus were also close friends of Jesus, who wept at the death of Lazarus before raising him back to life. 

The message is based on John 12:1-11, and other Bible texts include Psalm 126 and Philippians 3:4-11.

Please come join us to worship, learn and connect with one another as we prepare for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Mio will be liturgist, Ruth and her puppet friends will bring a children’s message and Kazuko will be playing the organ.

Mary Anoints the Feet of Jesus

We hope you can join us at 10 am! Please come join us! Please see the important announcements below:

* We WILL be meeting in person for Easter, April 17, at our normal location on JLC campus. The service will also be broadcast via Zoom so others can join us. Jim Sack will be preaching.

* Akiko and Shintaro Nishikata will be baptized at Easter!

* Afterwards, we are all invited to Ann Tang’s house and big yard for lunch and fellowship. We’ll car pool in several cars there and back. Pray for good weather!

Thank you to everyone who helps to make our worship services come together each week.

We are very thankful that our little community church can keep on going even in the midst of difficulties. Many friends keep contributing to our worship services and to our parishioner connections. We appreciate everyone’s prayers, financial support and weekly acts of service as we help each other in doing the work of the Kingdom.

Offering Link: Please note that the link for sending in your gifts and tithes has been changed to https://wtuc.net/offering/ and now has recurring offering and fee recovery options.

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