Online Worship Tips

  • When you participate in online services you need to be present. Approach the service in the same way you approach being physically at church. Think of it as an active life of prayer and not a temporary interruption into what is normal routine or a distracted routine. It is part of a normal prayer life.
  • Create a sacred space for worship. Use an area where you do our daily Scripture reading or prayer time. Granted you cannot create church, however, you can recognize the space you are using is a sacred space for the time of worship.
  • In preparation for online worship be sure you have eliminate all distractions from your environment and your schedule. Silence your telephone.
  • Approach worship in the spirit of live participation. We have become accustomed to being linked to our computers, tablets, and smartphones 24/7. A prayer of preparation to calm your heart, mind, and soul as you come into God’s presence.
  • Dress for church at home as you would when going to the sanctuary of your local congregation.
  • Light a candle or create a spiritual atmosphere that works for you. Create an environment of receptivity to being with God.
  • Participate, that is, sing along. If we normally stand for the song/hymn stand and sing, stand for the Scripture reading, in other words, be physically present.
  • James 4:8¬†reminds us “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”
  • Source: Interim Pastor Tim Eichler, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood,