Our church community is a wonderful and diverse group of folks from around the world. We are composed of Japanese, Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Africans and even more nationalities! Many of our members are connected to the schools and universities in the neighborhoods around Mitaka. We meet on the campus of the Japan Lutheran College. Through Gospel teaching and the leading of the Spirit, we seek to love God and bless those around us.  We are united in our love of Jesus and desire to see him transform our lives, community and the world. We invite you to come and be part of the journey of faith together!

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  1. Susan says:

    Easter is best celebrated by those who walk through some part of the passion week. Resurrection connotes most joyously for those who have some sense of the difficulty of death and the depth of the grave. Losing creates a ground of delight for finding.

    Here is a link to a lovely poem by Elizabeth Bishop that is a good one to use in preparation for passion week and Easter.

  2. Barbara Vandeberg says:

    My name is Barbara Vande Berg. I am looking to see if anyone could pick me up at Kiyose Migiwa Church on Sunday morning, December 25th, so I could attend the worship service. I was a missionary here about 17 or so years ago and attended WTUC part of my 12 years in Japan.
    Is there anyone who can help? The address is 2-6-9 Kamikiyoto Kiyose-shi Tokyo 204-0013
    My phone number if anyone is able to help is a Verizon phone and I hope incoming calls will work, but not sure. I know I just pay .25 for the outgoing calls since I went over the 100 minute “free” in the plan. But that is okay with me. I have some heavy health issues that make using public transportation a bit difficult. My cell is 720.363.1921. Hope someone can help.

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