Sunday, March 25th

WTUC Weekly Announcements for Sunday, March 25th

Special treat!  Rev. Joe Ozawa guest preaches this Sunday, talking about the good Samaritan and his particular ministry.  Text:  Luke 30-37

Lenten Adult Study: Decluttering for Lent – Opening up Space for Spiritual Disciplines  9:50 to 10:30.  Joe has graciously agreed to lead us here as well!

A lovely poem called Spring  By Mary Oliver:


April 1st  9:50 Adult Sunday School, Decluttering for Lent

            10:55 Worship, Rev. Teresa preaching,  Palm Sunday Processional

April 6th, 5:30 pm Good Friday Soup and Worship at the Fosters’ home.

April 8th, 9:30 Egg Easter Hunt

              10:00 Easter Brunch

              10:55 EASTER service, Rev. Susan Preaching,

              Puppets, Middle School Choir

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