Sunday, May 6th

This Sunday:  We consider the word “abide.”  …Not so often used in everyday speech anymore; still a word with biblical staying power.  Text John 15:1-8

We are doing a “spring fling” bible study for adults.  Two weeks looking at Romans 12:2: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God — what is good and acceptable and perfect.  This week, we’ll consider the ways in which we find ourselves conforming.

May 13th   9:40 Adult Sunday School on Romans 12:2 – Transformation;
10:55 Worship, Rev. Teresa preaching.  Mother’s Day.

May 20th   10:55 Worship,  Rev. Dr. Alice Knotts preaching.  Ascension Sunday.

May 27th   10:55 Worship,  Rev. Susan and Rev. Teresa preaching. PENTECOST! Bring red and orange finger foods to share during fellowship time. Wear red, orange or blue to celebrate the Holy Spirit.

The Morning-Watch
O joys! infinite sweetness! with what flow’rs
And shoots of glory my soul breaks and buds!

All the long hours
Of night, and rest,
Through the still shrouds
Of sleep, and clouds,
This dew fell on my breast;
Oh, how it bloods

And spirits all my earth! Hark! In what rings
And hymning circulations the quick world

Awakes and sings;
The rising winds
And falling springs,
Birds, beasts, all things
Adore him in their kinds.
Thus all is hurl’

In sacred hymns and order, the great chime
And symphony of nature. Prayer is

The world in tune,
A spirit voice,
And vocal joys
Whose echo is heav’n’s bliss.
O let me climb

When I lie down! The pious soul by night
Is like a clouded star whose beams, though said

To shed their light
Under some cloud,
Yet are above,
And shine and move
Beyond that misty shroud.
So in my bed,

That curtain’d grave, though sleep, like ashes, hide
My lamp and life, both shall in thee abide.

BY HENRY VAUGHAN 1621–1695, Welsh poet

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