Sunday, December 30th

SUNDAY DECEMBER 30th from 11AM:  Pastor Teresa preaches on WE SING YOUR PRAISES from Psalm 148!  

God who brings the cleansing rain, saturate our thirsty bones,
with the milk of mercy sweet, with the blood that brings us home.
God who rules the fiery sun, kindle now our brittle hearts,
set ablaze our tender lives, forge our ways till sin departs.
God who rides the winds of change, anchor us against its wrath,
set our face toward holy ends, fix our walk upon your path.
God who sends the silent snows, quiet us against your breast,
cover us with hope-filled wings, whisper soft your word of rest.
God who steps into our time, take away this needless fear,
Turn our lives to songs of praise, play us for your world to hear.

Lisa Ann Moss

 GREAT NEWS from the MS Youth!!!

We purchased the animals for the MS Bible Study kids tonight.  After delivering 70+ dozen cookies they ended up with $870.  They purchased a heifer, a llama, a pig, 3 rabbits, a flock of chicks (10-50 chicks), and some honeybees.  Heifer International will determine which families need these animals the most and disperse them accordingly.  Many of their animals go to needy families in Africa and South America.  Thank you for all your support.  The kids would appreciate it if you could add something to the bulletin sometime thanking everyone for their donations. We are now talking about our next project being some community service within Japan.  Any ideas you may have we’d love to hear!

Thanks, Julie & Kristi & the MS Youth

Nozomi no Ie sends sincere thanks for the socks and presents gifts from WTUC.

December 30 text - Psalm 148

We sing your praises, LORD!
From every corner of the universe,
from high and low, near and far,
we join the chorus of praise!

With the angels and all who serve you in heaven,
we sing your praises!
With the sun and moon, stars and planets,
we sing your praises!
With far flung galaxies and the milky way,
we sing your praises!

All of them speak of you in glowing terms, LORD,
for they owe their very existence to you.
You ordered their creation
and fixed them in place for all time.

We sing your praises, LORD!
Every creature on earth joins the choir,
singing your praises for all they’re worth:
dolphins and whales
 and the ocean itself;
bushfire and hail storm,
snow and ice,
cyclones dancing to your tune;
mountain ranges and rolling hills,
orchards and rainforests,
animals from both bush and farm,
reptiles and birds;
people of every race and class,
people of power and influence;
men and women, old and young,
every voice on earth joins as one!

One and all, we sing your praises, LORD,
yours is the only name on our lips!
You alone outshine the glory of the universe!

You have given strength to your people,
and honour to your faithful ones,
to those you have chosen
and hold close to your heart.

You, LORD, are the greatest!

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