Sunday, November 24th

We will begin our morning with Sunday School in the Sacks lovely living room with Rev. Dr. Peter Millar from the Iona Community from 9:30-10:30am.  Cathy Berghahn will have the first rehearsal for our upcoming Christmas Pageant on December 8th. from 9:45-10:45, ALL children (and their parents as needed) are welcome to participate.
During the worship service, Rev. Dr. Peter Millar will give the message from Ephesian 3:14-20, with a special emphasis on faith through the ages.

This year`s Thanksgiving Outreach offering will go to Child Fund Japan for their outreach to the Philippines.  Their webpage is accessible in both Japanese and English

After service, we will enjoy an amazing TURKEY DINNER with all the fixings after the service.  ALL are invited to stay and be refreshed by good food and conversation.  Please feel free to invite your friends and family.  Please contact Ann Tang or Karen Seevers if you have any questions about the Thanksgiving feast.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CORNER (we value your prayers & involvement in this vital ministry)  Contact Carrie Bennett for ES, Julie Rogers for MS, Amy Harbaugh for HS or Pastor Teresa at with any questions.

Little Kids (1-5) Sunday School Nov. 24th please keep your kids with you during church – at any time please get books and coloring from the cabinet in the back.

Our own Cathy Berghahn will be directing this year`s Youth (ES, MS, HS) Christmas Pageant.

Practice Dates:
Sunday Nov. 24th: Before the service @ 9:45-10:45
Wed. Nov. 27:  During Church school time, 5:30-7pm  (location TBA)
Sunday Dec. 1: Possible practice, please let Cathy know of your avail.
Wed. Dec. 4th: During Church school time, 5:30-7pm (location TBA)
Sunday Dec. 8th: @ 9:45-10:45 am
If your child can’t make all the rehearsals, Cathy will work around it especially for the ones without lines, but being there helps for continuity and confidence.

NEXT ADULT November 24th 9:30-10:30 in the Sack`s living room -Rev. Peter Millar, former Abbot of Iona Abbey

A little about our Preacher on November 24th… Peter Millar, who was formerly Abbot of Iona Abbey, is a minister of the Church of Scotland and a member of the Iona Community, which is the largest Christian ecumenical community in the modern world.  He and his late wife, Dr. Dorothy Millar, worked in the Church of South India.  He is a well known author and campaigner for global justice.  He is based in Scotland but continues to work in Australia where he and Dorothy helped to develop the Wellspring Community, a movement inspired by Iona with members and friends throughout that country.

Carol Sack has organized a special lecture opportunity in the Ebisu area.

REV. DR. PETER MILLAR, author and is the former head of the Iona Abbey, on the island of Iona, Scotland. Iona

Wednesday November 27, 2013
2:00-4:00 PM at JELA MISSIONS CENTER (Ebisu)
〒150-0013 東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-20-26
Tel.03-3447-1521 Fax.03-3447-1523
交通 JR山手線恵比寿駅東口より徒歩3分 東京メトロ日比谷線恵比寿駅より徒歩5分
Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association Mission Center
Ebisu 1-20-26
Shibuya ku

a three minute walk from the Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote line or a 5 minute walk from the Ebisu Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line

(One of Peter Millar’s websites:)

Iona Abbey is one of Scotland’s most historic and sacred sites. The abbey was founded by St Columba and his Irish followers in AD 563. As a celebrated focus for Celtic Christian pilgrimage, Iona retains its spiritual atmosphere and remains an enduring symbol of worship.Today, the Iona Community continues the tradition of worship first established by the Celtic father, St Columba 1450 years ago. The Iona Community has introduced their creative experimental song and liturgical material, introducing songs from other cultures, to churches around the world.

Ann Tang and Karen Seevers are organizing our THANKSGIVING FEAST on November 24th.  Each family should bring something to share.  Please also bring table service for your family.  Please feel free to bring your friends and family – food, friendship and fellowship for all! Any questions:

After the Thanksgiving Feast, Pastor Teresa and our amazing Worship Space Preparer, Hagi-san, will be putting up the Christmas tree and changing the banners.  Please see her after the feast and/or worship if you can help.

Upcoming Preaching Ministry
November 24    Rev. Peter Millar, Former Warden (leader) of Iona Abbey, Thanksgiving Feast
December  1     Pastor Teresa, Communion
December 8      Youth Christmas Pageant
December 15    Rev. Jim Sack, Communion
December 22    Rev. Tim McKenzie
December 24    Pastor Teresa, Christmas Eve Service
December 29    Pastor Teresa
Interested in becoming a member at WTUC – please talk to Pastor Teresa about the upcoming membership classes.

West Tokyo Union Church women have been a integral part of the 57 year history of the Women’s Conference.  The 2014 conference will be held January 31st – February 2nd at Amagi Sanso – one week later than usual.  Early payments and registrations received in November 2013 are discounted.  Give yourself the wonderful gift of this special fellowship!  The theme is Through the Valley and the keynote speaker is renowned author and educator Sharon M. Draper.  For more information, please see the website at

Socks and gifts for the children of “Nozomi No Ie,” an orphanage in Mitaka.

The tradition of collecting socks and gifts for the children residing at Nozomi No Ie goes back some 30 years. Members of WTUC are asked to select a child (or children) and buy them both some socks and a present for Christmas. We ask each giver to sign up for a child by writing their name on a master list. The names of the children are also placed on a slip of paper that is given to the gift giver. It lists the name of the child, their sex, their age and sock size. The slips of paper have been color coded in case you forget their sex, with boys being blue and girls being red. If you happen to lose the piece of paper, you can call me to be reminded of who it is you are buying for.

Presents should not cost more than 2,000 yen. We want to get them something that is meaningful but we don’t want this to become a contest between children. Nozomi No Ie has asked that coupons, money and gift cards NOT be given. The orphanage would like each child to be able to open the gift and immediately be able to make use of it. If the socks and the gift are wrapped separately that gives each child the opportunity to open up two things. Please make sure the name of the child is SECURELY attached to each gift. If the name comes apart from the gift it is difficult to know who should receive the gift. The name of the giver may or may not be written on the gifts. That is up to each individual to decide.

We ask that the gifts be brought to church by December 15, 2013. They can be placed under the Christmas tree at the church. I take the gifts home each Sunday and put them in a secure place until they can be delivered to the orphanage before Christmas Eve. Those who bring gifts on the day of the pageant (December 8) may be directed to bring them up front as part of the pageant. If that is the case there will be further notifications from Cathy Berghahn about what to do.

This project continues to be a very wonderful example of sharing the love of Christ during the Christmas season. Thank you to all who support this ministry.

Jim Sack

SNACK SIGNUP Sign up for snacks for fellowship time with Ann or on the list on the white board.  We greatly appreciate your contributions to our community life!

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