Sunday, September 18th

WTUC Weekly Announcement for Sunday, September 18th

Worship this Sunday explores the marvelous and troubling story of the workers in the Vineyard. Matthew 20:1-16, Eucharist and Healing Prayers will be offered.

Don’t forget to pick up your nametag on the way in (though it may take us a few weeks to figure out how to get them to you gracefully— please be patient!)

Also we continue to collect photos and updated information of members and friends of the congregation to create a photo directory. If you have a photo, email it to Toshi Sasao . If you need a picture taken, please talk to Toshi on Sunday.


Sept. 18th

10:55: Worship and Eucharist
1:00: Youth Group kick off at home of Steve Dornbach

Sept 25th

10:55 Worship

Oct 2nd

10:55 Worship. World Wide Communion Sunday. Your traditional dress or cloths for the altar are in order.

12:30 Steering Committee Meeting

Email address for Rev. Susan Townsley and Rev. Teresa Sherrill:

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