Sunday, October 2nd

WTUC Weekly Announcement for Sunday, October 2nd


As we partake of the meal of celebration, so will Christians worldwide.  In this way we acknowledge holy unity in Christ that supersedes all human divisions and boundaries.  Please come in your traditional clothes if you wish.  Also bring cloths from various countries to decorate our communion table.

The sermon will focus on another challenging parable:  Matthew 21:33-46

Sunday School:

Ages 3-5: during the service
Grades 1-4: 9:30 am
Middle School: Wed. October 5th; 6:30 pm
High School: Sunday October 1st ; 1:00pm at the Dornbach’s home


We continue to gather pictures for our pictorial directory.  These directories will be emailed in PDF form only to church family.  They will not be posted on line.  Please email a picture to Toshi Sasao (, or if you need a picture taken, please see him on Sunday.


Oct 10:  Teresa Sherrill Preaching
Oct 16:  Susan Townsley Preaching
Oct 23:  James Sack Preaching

Email address for Rev. Susan Townsley and Rev. Teresa Sherrill: