Sunday, September 2nd

Welcome Back Church Family! We know getting back to rhythms and routines can be wonderful and exhausting. We hope to see you all sometime in the next several weeks!This Sunday: Theologians call it “works righteousness:” the erroneous idea that being good can earn you God’s grace. Grace is NEVER earned, ALWAYS freely given. But still, James 1:17-27 talks about doing the word. What does this mean? Pastor Susan Preaching.

Next Sunday: Back to Church Sunday! We will all want to visit and catch up, so bring something from your cupboard for the fellowship table.Confirmation begins on September 23rd. It is an opportunity for young people to engage their questions as we discuss some of the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Please send us an email if you have a young person—usually grades 7 and 8, but we’ll include others—who might benefit from the class.

Adult Education this year will focus on the same marvellous list of spiritual gifts as our older church school group: See Galatians 5:22-23. It will be offered the same Sundays as Church school, making it easy for parents to join the class.We begin next week (September 9th) considering what it means to have “gifts of the spirit”. While the whole series has unity, individual classes will stand on their own, so join us when you can!

Sept. 9th: 9:30: Church School/ Adult Education

10:55: Worship. “Back to Church Sunday.” Blessing of Backpacks, Calendars, school
supplies, learners and teachers. Pastor Teresa Preaching
11:30: Steering Committee Meeting
Sept 16th: 9:30: First Confirmation Class. Parents, please come for the first 15 minutes
10:55 Worship. Pastor Teresa Preaching
Sept: 23rd: 9:30: Confirmation, Church School, Adult Education
10:55 Worship Pastor Susan Preaching.
Reach Pastors Teresa and Susan at