Sunday, April 21st

This Sunday:

11:00 Worship:  The Lord is my Shepherd.   What does this famous Psalm 23 invoke for us?  And how can we learn it by heart.  Susan Townsley Preaching.

11:00: Ages 1-5 Jesus Walks on Water.   Joel teaching, Elsa assisting

9:30:  Grades 1-4 Sunday School:

Topic: Staying with or Straying from the Sprit (Galatians 5:26)

Teacher: Malcolm

9:30:  Adult Education (at the Sacks)

Topic: Communion, Susan teaching

Nozomi Project jewelry will be sold this Sunday and through April or until they are all gone—We are receiving a few new pieces this week, so stop by the desk. Nozomi, translated ‘hope’ in Japanese, is a social enterprise bringing sustainable income, community, dignity and hope to the women in Ishinomaki, Japan by training women to craft unique jewelry products.  One third of these women are single mothers and grandmothers; most of these women and their family members lost their livelihood when the tsunami crashed through half of their city in 2011.  You can also order online: <>


For your Calendar Planning:  

April 28 at 10:30 Allie and Oliver teach ages 1-4

May 12 will be the next Church School and Adult Study at 9:30 am


THE SONG OF A SHEEP (Based on Psalm 23)

By Moses Kainwo

The Lord is my Captain, I shall not drift.

He assigns me a quiet cabin,

Speaks to me through the sea shells,

And my soul now has a heart.

His name in my ears is a call to righteous steps.

Yes, His name is a command.


Though I am overwhelmed by shocks,

I am not disappointed;

For you wait beside me,

Serving soft counsel,

So I am not impeached.


Your blessings come upon me like rain,

That wets my head in the dreams of my enemies.

My shower cap gives way to your anointing touch,

And my cup of oil overflows.


Surely I shall remain blest

All the days that greet me,

And I will stay 
In my God-given cabin,

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.


Moses Kainwo is an ordained minister and studied in Sierra Leonean schools. 

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