Peace Amid Upheaval– 14th Sunday after Pentecost – September 11, 2022 at 10am JST

Join the West Tokyo Union Church community for the first online service of the fall season. Our lay preacher for this Sunday will be Malcolm Foster. We look forward to seeing you all again virtually. We will be using our customary Zoom link. In-person services will be scheduled as the opportunity arises.

Please join us for our regular Zoom worship service Sunday at 10 am (link below), when lay preacher Malcolm will be talking about “Peace Amid Upheaval.” As you know, the Fosters will be moving to Washington DC next week, and so this brings a major transition to their lives. And yet God promises to watch over the big transitions and upheavals in our lives, and already the Fosters have experienced God’s care and guidance even in the mundane aspects of moving. Moving can be a unsettling time, when we are forced to confront our past as well as think about the future. What role has God played in the big transitions in your lives?

We’ll be looking at a short, encouraging passage in Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi in which he exhorts his friends to rejoice always, be gentle with one another and not to worry because God gives us “peace that passes human understanding.” We all need that peace in our lives, whatever our situation. Mio will be liturgist and Kazuko will lead us with her organ-playing. Come join us for worship, fellowship and encouragement.

Scripture Readings:

Psalm 121
Heb. 11:8-10
Philippians 4:4-7

Welcome to friends and members from around the world who join us as we continue to worship remotely. You may be distant geographically, but you are as close as our hearts and prayers.

We are very thankful that our little community church can keep on going even in the midst of difficulties. Many friends keep contributing to our worship services and to our parishioner connections. We appreciate everyone’s prayers, financial support and weekly acts of service as we help each other in doing the work of the Kingdom.

Offering Link: Please note that the link for sending in your gifts and tithes has been changed to and now has recurring offering and fee recovery options.

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