The Blue Sky Beyond My Window — 17th Sunday after Pentecost – October 2, 2022 at 10am JST

Join the West Tokyo Union Church community for a September online worship service. Our guest speaker for this Sunday will be Mr. Khai Ing Lu. His message is entitled, “The Blue Sky Beyond My Window” and will touch your heart as Mr. Lu shares how even through tragedy, we are encouraged to love and serve God and to be thankful. We will be using our new Zoom link which is attached below. In-person services will be scheduled as the opportunity arises.

Guest Speaker: Mr. Khai Ing Lu is a Chinese-Malaysian born and raised in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. He earned a B.S. from University of Malaya. He is currently the General Manager of the Wilmar International, Bintulu Edible Oils in Bintulu, Sarawak. He is a member of Ming-Ong Methodist Church in Bintulu and is actively serving as a member of the Steering Committee. He is also an administrator and committee member of the Methodist Church Hope Counseling Centre.

Mr. Lu is married to Ung-Sii Wong. They have a son who recently graduated from Nottingham University. Mr. Lu enjoys playing ping pong during his free time.

Scripture Readings:

Psalm 1:1-6
Psalm 142

John 9:1-4

Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind – John 9:1-4

Welcome to friends and members from around the world who join us as we continue to worship remotely. You may be distant geographically, but you are as close as our hearts and prayers.

We are very thankful that our little community church can keep on going even in the midst of difficulties. Many friends keep contributing to our worship services and to our parishioner connections. We appreciate everyone’s prayers, financial support and weekly acts of service as we help each other in doing the work of the Kingdom.

Offering Link: Please note that the link for sending in your gifts and tithes has been changed to and now has recurring offering and fee recovery options.

Topic: WTUC Worship

Time: 10 am JST 

New WTUC Zoom link:

ID: 785 285 0403

For the password, please see the WTUC newsletter or contact the webmaster at —

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